The Neuroscience Research Cluster comprises of 21 faculty members and over 100 trainees and research staff. The cluster is led by the Neuroscience Cluster leader and executive, who are elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Current Neuroscience Cluster leader:

Dr. Francisco Cayabyab (Department of Surgery)

Current Neuroscience Cluster executive members:

Dr. Darrell Mousseau (Department of Psychiatry)
Dr. Phyllis Paterson (Pharmacy and Nutrition College)
Dr. Changiz Taghibiglou (Department of Pharmacology)
Dr. Yanbo Zhang (Department of Psychiatry)

Past Members:
Dr. Adil Nazarali (Cluster Leader)
Dr. Lisa Kalynchuk (Cluster Leader)
Dr. Lane Bekar
Dr. Veronica Campanucci