Saskatchewan neuroscience showcased during a one-day summer conference

The "Neuroscience at the UofS: A summer conference" held on June 7, 2016, was a resounding success. There were 70+ attendees at the conference and the speakers highlighted some of the breadth of neuroscience research being done at the UofS/UofR. Our keynote speaker, Dr Collingridge (recipient of the 2016 Brain Prize), has established collaborations with two of our Faculty members, which is an unanticipated, but wonderful, bonus.  


The Department of Pharmacology, the office of the Vice Dean-Research (College of Medicine), the College of Graduate Studies and Research, the Visiting Lecturer Fund (Research Services, UofS) and the Saskatchewan Research Chair program are all gratefully acknowledged for providing funding in support of this event.


The organizers, Changiz Taghibiglou and Darrell Mousseau, thank all of you for making this conference such a success.