Research Staff

Lab Manager, Neuroscience Research Cluster, Molecular Design Research Cluster and Microbiology-Immunology Research Cluster

Picture of  Nicolas Henao Romero

Nicolas Henao Romero Research Technician

Picture of Dr. Michael Jake Pushie

Dr. Michael Jake Pushie BSc, MSc, PhD Research Associate, Kelly Lab

Picture of Nicole Sylvain

Nicole Sylvain BSc, MSc Research Lab Manager, Kelly Lab

Picture of Dr. Quentin Greba

Dr. Quentin Greba BSc, MSc, PhD Research Assistant, Howland Lab

Alireza Doroudi Research Associate, Medical Imaging

Picture of  Xuan Vo

Xuan Vo Research Technician, Fisher Lab

Picture of  Huishu  Hu

Huishu Hu Research Technician, Kelly Lab

Picture of  Ryan Heistad

Ryan Heistad Laboratory Manager

Picture of  Nikita Henning

Nikita Henning Lab Technician, Medical Imaging

Picture of  Justin Lukan

Justin Lukan Research Technician, Psychiatry

Picture of  Tyler Wenzel

Tyler Wenzel Postdoctoral Fellow