Neuroscience Research Cluster

Seminar Series presents



Layla Gould, PhD

Cognition and Neuroscience

Royal University Hospital

University of Saskatchewan


Date: November 30th, 2017

Place: Room GD-04 Health Sciences Building D-Wing

Time: 3:00 pm


Functional MRI and Diffusion Tensor Imaging: Applications for Research and Presurgical Mapping


Dr. Layla Gould received her PhD in Cognition and Neuroscience at the University of Saskatchewan where she studied neural and cognitive mechanisms in health and disease. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow under the supervision of Drs. Michael Kelly and Jon Farthing in Neurosurgery and Kinesiology. Part of Layla’s research involves evaluating a rehabilitation method to improve hemiparesis outcomes in patients with subacute stroke and determining the underlying neural mechanisms associated with motor recovery. Layla is also leading the clinical fMRI program at RUH. Her seminar will describe how functional MRI and diffusion tensor imaging can be used for presurgical mapping, as well as to assess the neural mechanisms associated with changes in motor functioning in stroke patients.

Contact: Dr. Francisco S. Cayabyab,, 306-966-8191

Fall Neuroscience Research Symposium 2017

The annual fall Neruoscience Research Symposium was a great success.  We had over 110 people attend our Keynote speakers, our podium presentations and our poster session.  Thank you to everyone who was able to make it out!

Cogratulation to our winners: 

1st Place poster session 1 - Hye Ji Kim

2nd Place poster session 1 - Kyle Brymer

1st Place poster session 2 - Rachel Parkinson

2nd Place poster session 2 - Brittany Lins

Poster Winners Theme A: Systems Neuroscience/Animal models/Behaviou

1st Place - Hannah Salapa

2nd Place - Sheryas Jois

3rd Place - Gavin Scott

Poster Winners Theme B: Cellular and Molecular Neruoscience/Cell Signalling 

1st Place - Merlin Thangaraj

2nd Place - Jocelyn Stockwel 

3rd Place - Michael Zaki