Fall Neuroscience Research Symposium 2017

Our Fall Neuroscience Research Symposium (NRS) is coming back strong this year. We are again holding the NRS Meeting at Marquis Hall at the University of Saskatchewan on November 3, 2017. Please mark your calendars and encourage your trainees to submit abstracts for evaluation by the NRS Organizing Committee. The retreat will consist of Trainee Platform and Poster Presentations, and several cash prizes will be awarded for best Poster and Oral Presenters. We will also have door prizes from sponsors at this meeting. For this Call for Abstract Submission, the deadline for abstract submissions will be Friday October 6, 2017. Please indicate if you are submitting for a PODIUM PRESENTATION or a POSTER PRESENTATION, and we will do our best to accommodate your choice. Please see the attached instructions.

This year, we have secured funding to sponsor two confirmed Keynote Speakers: 1) Dr. V. Wee Yong, CRC Tier 1 Chair in Neuroimmunology, who will be speaking to us about his latest ground-breaking research in MS and MS clinical trials from his own lab, 2) Dr. Yu Tian Wang, BC Stroke Chair and Howard Hughes Medical Institute International Scholar, will be speaking to us about GABAa-glutamate receptor cross-talk in the brain. Free registration will open after the abstract submission deadline, which includes breakfast, lunch and snacks at coffee breaks for all registered participants.

We are also still looking for volunteers to be part of the Organizing Committee. Any interested Faculty or Graduate Students/Postdocs willing to be part of the Organizing Committee are asked to contact us as soon as possible. We appreciate if you could please circulate this Call for Abstracts widely to your trainees and colleagues.

Abstract Template:

Titles and abstracts should be submitted as a Word file to Chris O’Grady at chris.ogrady@usask.ca. Please use the following headings: Title, Rationale, Methods, Results, Conclusion, and Acknowledgments. Please ensure the body of the Abstract is less than 300 words (excluding Title and Acknowledgements)

(Include Authors and Affiliations)

Best regards,

Francisco S. Cayabyab
Interim Leader, Neuroscience Research Cluster
Associate Professor
Department of Surgery, College of Medicine
University of Saskatchewan
Room GD30.5 Health Science Building
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Tel: 306-966-8191
Email: frank.cayabyab@usask.ca

Upcoming Talk

John Mapletoft, PhD
Life Science Technology Portfolio Manager
Innovation Enterprise
University of Saskatchewan
Date: September 28th, 2017
Place: Room GD-04 Health Sciences Building D-Wing
Time: 3:00 pm

“What you need to know about Intellectual Property”

What are the things you absolutely need to know about Intellectual Property (IP)? What is it and why do we care about it? What are the steps involved protecting it? These questions and more will be answered in a short, accessible presentation targeted at life science researchers. Questions and discussion are welcome, and time will be provided for such. Come hear about IP from Dr. John Mapletoft, the new Life Science Technology Portfolio Manager at UofS-Innovation Enterprise (i.e., your local IP expert and enthusiast).
Contact: Dr. Francisco S. Cayabyab, frank.cayabyab@usask.ca, 306-966-8191