Welcome to the Neuroscience Research Page!

As Leader of the Neuroscience Research Cluster, I am a full time basic scientist with a broad interest in neuroscience. My lab investigates the novel roles of signaling molecules and membrane receptors, such as ion channels, in the fundamental molecular and cellular mechanisms of normal and pathological brain functioning. As a representative of the Neuroscience Research Group, I will set into motion the research vision that is supported by our dedicated Neuroscience Research Cluster Executive. 

Our Research Cluster is currently comprised of 11 basic scientists, 8 clinician scientists/investigators, and over 110 graduate students and research staff. Our PI’s receive over $4M of research support from CIHR, NSERC, SHRF, College of Medicine, and Endowment Funds for Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders. I hope to leverage my scientific and people leadership skills to mobilize an enhanced research intensiveness in our Neuroscience Cluster, and to facilitate research enterprise of national and international success. 

The Neuroscience Research Cluster hosts the monthly Neuroscience Research Seminar Series, Neuroscience Cluster Trainee Communication Seminar Series, Distinguished Visiting Lectureships, and our crowning annual event -- the Fall Annual Neuroscience Research Symposium, which highlights the research accomplishments of our members. As excellence in research is a core mission of the Neuroscience Research Cluster, we hope that the research discoveries in brain health and mental illnesses by a critical mass of active basic and clinical researchers will ultimately translate to the best health outcomes for our province.


Francisco S. Cayabyab
Leader, Neuroscience Research Cluster
Director of Research, Department of Surgery
Associate Professor
Department of Surgery, College of Medicine
University of Saskatchewan
Room GD30.4 Health Science Building
107 Wiggins Road
Saskatoon SK S7N 5E5

Tel: 306-966-8191
Email: frank.cayabyab@usask.ca


Fall Neuroscience Research Symposium 2017

The annual fall Neruoscience Research Symposium was a great success.  We had over 110 people attend our Keynote speakers, our podium presentations and our poster session.  Thank you to everyone who was able to make it out!

Cogratulation to our winners: 

1st Place poster session 1 - Hye Ji Kim

2nd Place poster session 1 - Kyle Brymer

1st Place poster session 2 - Rachel Parkinson

2nd Place poster session 2 - Brittany Lins

Poster Winners Theme A: Systems Neuroscience/Animal models/Behaviou

1st Place - Hannah Salapa

2nd Place - Sheryas Jois

3rd Place - Gavin Scott

Poster Winners Theme B: Cellular and Molecular Neruoscience/Cell Signalling 

1st Place - Merlin Thangaraj

2nd Place - Jocelyn Stockwel 

3rd Place - Michael Zaki