The mission of the Saskatchewan Epilepsy Research Initiative (SERI) is to develop a clinical and basic sciences team to serve patients with intractable epilepsy in Saskatchewan. SERI objectives are:

• to undertake an interdisciplinary clinical and basic sciences program for epilepsy;
• to build an epilepsy brain bank to foster collaboration between clinical and basic science researchers at the U of S;
• to employ advanced imaging techniques, such as fMRI and PET-CT to study and treat patients with intractable epilepsy;
• to instigate major epidemiological projects focused on patients with epilepsy;
• to develop new services linked with clinical research such as an epilepsy transition clinic;
• to submit national grant applications;
• to build research capacity in the epilepsy field in Saskatchewan including senior and junior faculty, graduate and summer students

Team Members:

Jose Tellez-Zenteno
Lizbeth Hernandez Ronquillo
Alexandra Voll
Syed Rizvi
Changiz Taghibiglou
Francisco Cayabyab
Ron Borowsky
Adam Wu
Aleksander Vitali


Huma Aftab
Mirna Vrbancic
Roland Ouer
Karen Waterhouse
Dianne Dash
Chelsea Dash
Viktor Zherebitskiy
Marla Mickleborough
Richard Huntsman
Simona Hasal
Gary Hunter