University of Saskatchewan Neuroscience Research Cluster

Welcome to the Neuroscience Research Page!

Our Research Cluster is currently comprised of 11 basic scientists, 8 clinician scientists/investigators, and over 80 graduate students and research staff. Our PI’s receive over $4M of research support from CIHR, NSERC, SHRF, College of Medicine, and Endowment Funds for Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders. The Neuroscience Research Cluster hosts the monthly Neuroscience Research Seminar Series, Neuroscience Cluster Trainee Communication Seminar Series, Distinguished Visiting Lectureships, and annual Fall Neuroscience Research Symposium, which highlights the research accomplishments of our members. As excellence in research is a core mission of the Neuroscience Research Cluster, we hope that the research discoveries in brain health and mental illnesses by a critical mass of active basic and clinical researchers will ultimately translate to the best health outcomes for our province.

Recent Cluster News