Dr. Krista Baerg (Associate Member)

Dr. Lane Bekar  (Neuroscience Cluster Executive)
Department of Pharmacology

Dr. Bekar’s work focuses on characterizing the role of inflammation, stress, and diet on neurodegenerative processes in non-transgenic mice. Interests: Alzheimer’s; Parkinson’s; neurodegeneration; inflammation; stress; high sucrose diet.

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Dr. Veronica Campanucci
Department of Physiology
(306) 966-5934

Dr. Campanucci explores the impact of diabetes and chronic inflammation on the nervous system. Interests: diabetes; patch-clamp electrophysiology; live imaging in vitro; inflammation; transgenic mice; mitochondrial morphology and traffic.

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Dr. Francisco Cayabyab (Neuroscience Cluster Leader)
Department of Surgery 
(306) 966-8191

Dr. Cayabyab works on adenosine receptor signaling in neurological diseases, and the biology of breast cancer and brain cancer.  Interests: stroke; Parkinsons's disease; epilepsy; neurophysiology; confocal imaging; biochemistry; synaptic plasticity and behavior.

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Dr. Jennifer Chlan
Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology
(306) 966-6557

Dr. Chlan’s research focuses on the neurodevelopment of schizophrenia and Autism, the neuropathology of Alzheimer's Disease, and educational research. Interests: neurodevelopment; molecular neuropsychiatry; neuroanatomy.

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Dr. John Howland
Department of Physiology
(306) 966-2032

Dr. Howland’s behavioural neuroscience laboratory is interested in animal models of schizophrenia, learning and memory, behavioural and electrophysiological effects of stress, limbic-cortical interactions, synaptic plasticity, epilepsy.

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Dr. Michael Kelly

Dr. Michael Levin

Dr. Ivar Mendez
Department of Surgery
(306) 966-8641

Dr. Mendez’ research focus is in brain repair, functional neurosurgery, robotic neurosurgery and computerized systems in neurosurgical applications. Interests: Parkinson’s disease; stem cells; robotics; neuromodulation.

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Dr. Darrell Mousseau (Neuroscience Cluster Executive)
Department of Psychiatry
(306) 966-8824

Dr. Mousseau’s goal is to identify the neurochemical and biochemical overlaps between depression and Alzheimer's disease. Interests: monoaminergic dysfunctions in brain and peripheral tissues; Alzheimer's disease; breast cancer; prostate cancer.

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Dr. Sean Mulligan
Department of Physiology
(306) 966-2422

Dr. Mulligan’s research focuses on mechanisms of peripheral pain signaling and pain pathophysiology. Interests: two-photon imaging; migraines; diabetes.

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Dr. Phyllis Paterson (Neuroscience Cluster Executive)
College of Pharmacy & Nutrition
(306) 966-5838

Dr. Paterson studies the role of nutrition in enhancing recovery mechanisms after stroke. Interests: nutrition; stroke; global brain ischemia; neuroinflammation; neuroplasticity; synchrotron-based techniques for brain imaging.

Recent Publications 

Dr. Lissa Peeling

Dr. Alex Rajput
Department of Medicine-Neurology
(306) 844-1411

Dr. Rajput’s primary research employs analysis of frozen human brain tissue, clinicopathological correlations, genetics, and neurochemistry to examine movement disorders. Interests: Parkinson’s disease; essential tremor; progressive supranuclear palsy.

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Dr. Changiz Taghibiglou
Department of Pharmacology
(306) 966-8816

Dr. Taghibiglou studies excitotoxicity in stroke and neurodegenerative diseases, and lipid neurobiology. Interests: stroke; epilepsy; traumatic brain injury; breast and prostate cancer; Cellular prion protein; lipid rafts; designing short bioactive peptides.

Recent Publications

Dr. Jose Tellez-Zenteno
Department of Medicine-Neurology
(306) 966-8011

Dr. Tellez-Zenteno explores clinical outcomes after epilepsy surgery, management of antiepileptic drug use, and the development and validation of new diagnostic tools for epilepsy. Interests: temporal lobe epilepsy, epilepsy surgery; epidemiology of epilepsy.

Recent Publications

Dr. Wolfgang Walz
Department of Psychiatry
(306) 966-7618

Dr. Walz’s laboratory developed a new rat cavitation model which mimics lacunar infarction. Interests: lacunar infarction; astrocytes; neutrophils; microglia; ischemia; inflammation; batimastat; minocycline; matrix metalloproteinases.

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Dr. Yanbo Zhang (Neuroscience Cluster Executive)
Deparment of Psychiatry

Dr. Yanbo Zhang’s research focuses on (1) the impacts of psychiatric medications and brain stimulation treatments on brain development and repair; (2) the gene-environmental interaction and its role in mental disorder development. Interests: schizophrenia, mood disorder, post stroke depression and cannabis and other substance addictions.

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